Zarr Tech Weighs In On Launch of New Office 365 for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Zarr Tech (, solving and diagnosing business technology problems and offering local IT consultation, is weighing in on the launch of the new Office 365 for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Microsoft teased the release of the new Office 365 for small and mid-sized businesses last year, and has now released it officially, citing specific use for these types of businesses. (Source: Merriman, C., “Microsoft begins migrating Office 365 SMB customers to new plans,” December 8, 2015

“A vital part of most urbanized cultures is the success of small- and medium-sized businesses,” says Matthew Zarrillo, IT Specialist at Zarr Tech. “Corporations know that, and we’re seeing more and more innovations in the workplace geared towards that demographic.”

The new system comes in three offerings: Office 365 Essentials, Office 365 Business, and the final version, Office 365 Premium. The basics are in the entry-level business package, meanwhile the other two are upgraded versions that offer many more features, including access over mobile and e-mail.

“It’s already a system many businesses are familiar with,” Zarrillo continues. “Now having it specialized for small- and mid-sized businesses only helps companies better operate some aspects of their business.”

Microsoft says it’s possible to connect SMB plans with Enterprise plans, giving businesses the extra push they need. The older software is still made available, but will be cut off by September of next year.

“You definitely need to give businesses time to adjust. Even though operating the software may be familiar, there’s still a transition period for users to get accustomed to all the new tools they have at their disposal,” concludes Zarillo. “This is really an IT professionals’ playground.”

Zarr Tech has been a player in the IT industry for many years. They are based in the GTA and focus on a customer-centric approach to providing IT services. They strive to implement or improve technology for the businesses they work with, which include clients from the retail, medical, and communications industry. For information on how Zarr Tech can help a business grow, visit

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