Zarr Tech Weighs in on Federal Government’s IT Problems

Zarr Tech (, a company that solves and diagnoses business technology problems and offers local IT consultation, is weighing in on the Federal Government’s IT problems.

A recent report by the Auditor General showed some concerning news regarding Shared Services Canada, which was established in 2012 to help manage the IT operations of the Federal Government. Its goal was to consolidate over 485 data centres down to seven and develop a single email system for all federal employees by 2020. Shared Services Canada has reported savings of approximately $209 million a year, but in the report by the Auditor General, it is not clear whether Shared Canada is actually saving the Federal Government any money at all. (Source: “Federal government not immune to info technology woes, auditor finds,” Toronto Sun, February 2, 2016;

“This just shows that the Canadian Federal Government is not immune to problems relating to information technology,” says Matthew Zarrillo, IT specialist at Zarr Tech. “IT is such a vital part of all business operations. And in the case of the Federal Government, IT is crucial in creating spaces allowing public access to resources. Being able to make those processes more efficient is a big deal, which is why this story has made headlines.”

According to the Auditor General, Shared Services Canada is also unable to demonstrate whether or not it has created a more secure system. The audit found that in July 2015, the unified email system for the Federal Government actually had two high security risks that were later resolved. It also found that there were many communication problems between the agencies and departments that work closely with Shared Services Canada; many of these departments had very little involvement with the IT department. It is estimated that Shared Services Canada spends $1.9 billion annually to oversee the Federal Government’s IT.

“What this shows is that regardless of the scale, priority should always be given to transparency, clear goal setting, and open communication,” says Zarillo. “A good IT company should be focused on its customers first to figure out the most effective IT solutions for them.”

Zarr Tech helps small businesses in the GTA better manage its IT. It strives to implement or improve technology for the businesses it works with, which include clients from the retail, medical, and communications industries.

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