Zarr Tech, a Leading IT Support Company in Toronto, Weighs in on Launch of Windows 10

Zarr Tech (, a leading IT support company in the GTA that solves and diagnoses business technology problems and offers local IT consultation, is weighing in on the launch of Windows 10.

Two weeks removed from the launch of Windows 10 by Microsoft, reviews have thus far been promising. Many features have been revamped or are completely new to this operating system, with the aim of pleasing users with a sleek aesthetic, more options, and ease of use. One of those features is the new start menu, which has gone back to being positioned at the bottom left of the screen and includes much more information than previous operating systems. The layout of the apps themselves is no longer full-screen. Instead, they have been windowed to make the toolbar more user-friendly. (Source: “The Top 10 Features Of Microsoft Windows 10,” Tech Times web site; August 8, 2015;

“This is a significant step up from the 8.1, which was Microsoft’s previous operating system,” says Matthew Zarrillo,IT Specialist at Zarr Tech. “And it should be. Microsoft was really expected to do big things when they announced the launch of Windows 10 back in June.”

The introduction of Windows 10 marks the first time Cortana, an online personal assistant available as an option with the new operating system, has been available on a desktop. It does require giving up some personal information, but it enables users to find information they are looking for quite easily. Zarrillo also points to the Hello feature as another winner on Windows 10. Hello negates the need for a password by allowing for a scan to identify the user and unlock all necessary sites, a feature that is not widely available just yet.

“Windows 10 offers some great new features, but users, especially those in business, shouldn’t be too quick to upgrade just yet,” says Zarrillo. “The smart thing to always do when new products and software come out is to wait. By October and November, most of the flaws, bugs and missing features will be fixed and or completed.”

Zarrillo also points out that by waiting, the upgrade process can be completed with ease and have less chances of downtime.

“Our computer systems should work like our cars do—when we want to go somewhere, best thing to do is to keep them working and consult an IT consultant on when to upgrade and how to do it the right way.”

Those using any Windows software from 7 and up can make the transitions seamlessly to Windows 10. Zarr Tech offers IT support and are ready to show small businesses how they can benefit from the upgrade.

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