Zarr Tech Alerts Customers that It Is a Sage 50 Reseller

Zarr Tech (, a leading IT support company in the GTA that solves and diagnoses business technology problems and offers local IT consultation, is notifying its customers that it is a Sage 50 reseller.

“Small businesses today are looking for ways to make their lives as simple as possible,” says Matthew Zarrillo, president of and IT specialist at Zarr Tech. “Accounting is typically something they have a hard time doing, mostly because it takes so much effort to get all the necessary paperwork together. Sage 50 helps with this problem.”

Sage 50 is the accounting software used by thousands of small businesses nationwide. It currently ranks as the top software of its kind for small businesses in Canada and is the preferred software of accountants.

“We know the whirlwind so many small businesses go through—especially come tax time—just to find a simple way to streamline their accounting,” says Zarrillo. “At Zarr Tech, we’re able to help our clients through this by inviting them to incorporate Sage 50 into their operations. It really does make a difference.”

In addition to its multiple accounting features, Sage 50 also includes collaboration tools, payroll capabilities, effective use on mobile platforms, and the ability to process credit and debit card payments. Zarr Tech is confident in its endorsement of this software for its clients.

“We wouldn’t recommend or use a product we weren’t absolutely sure of,” Zarrillo confirms. “The foundation of what we do at Zarr Tech is based on serving our clients, so we always keep that in mind when introducing any kind of service or software into our own operations. Sage 50 fits with what we believe in and we are comfortable making that statement.”

Zarr Tech is a first-class IT provider with the aim of helping small businesses grow. Zarrillo says his team understands the important role IT now plays in the day-to-day functions of any company. He says that improving those functions is the objective of his company.

“Our goal is just making businesses better. It’s really that simple. We use the knowledge and experience we have in IT to bring a high level of service to our clients. Whether it’s IT consulting, cloud services, or remote support, we do our best to deliver on all fronts.”

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