Zarr Tech, a GTA-Based IT Support Provider, Announces Offering of New Computer Insurance Service

 Zarr Tech (, a company solving and diagnosing business technology problems and offering local IT consultation, is announcing that it will be offering a new option for consumers that will enable them to insure their computers.

“Computers have become a necessity for any business to function in today’s environment. Like a home is to shelter, computers are an integral part of how companies operate day-to-day, so why not treat one with the same respect and importance,” says Matthew Zarrillo, IT specialist at Zarr Tech. “At Zarr Tech, we understand just how crucial computers are to anyone’s business. That’s why we have decided to offer computer insurance as a brand new service on top of our other tech support services.”

Zarrillo explains that insuring a computer is essentially putting insurance on what is likely a major part of a business. For instance, if all of a company’s servers were to crash, would the business still be able to function? The answer is most likely no. If that’s the case, getting insurance on a computer to ease some of the concern if something actually does go wrong is well worth the investment.

“It just makes too much sense,” he adds. “Computers are valuable and can also be fragile. There needs to be options for if and when something happens and that computer isn’t able to operate at full capacity anymore.”

IT support is what we do; it’s who we are,” Zarrillo concludes. “We know how to keep offices connected, whether their employees are in house or mobile. And with communication being one of the keys to a successful endeavour, being connected at all times becomes a necessary extension of successful communication to employees and customers.”

Zarr Tech also offers technology advisory services and is able to get a business up-to-date with the latest software and technology to help it reach its potential. To find out more about Zarr Tech’s services, visit

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