Why and When You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud

Zarr Tech - Image - 031215You’ve doubtlessly heard about “the cloud” in recent years. Most recently, cloud computing was in the news for all the wrong reasons due to several celebrities having personal images leaked. However, this was a freak occurrence; in fact, quality cloud hosting service providers employ redundancy upon redundancy when it comes to keeping their clients’ information safe.

Cloud server providers offer clients a way to outsource their IT infrastructure. While this can include information and servers, it is data storage that often serves as the primary reason for businesses to seek out a cloud computing provider.

Another main reason why most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make the move to the cloud is cost savings. But there are many other benefits, including:


With cloud server providers comes security services at a cost that is much more affordable and easier to manage than on-site hosting. If you’re an SMB that can’t afford staff to handle IT security, then a cloud hosting provider will also handle this important aspect of your business for you. Finally, a cloud computing provider is also better equipped to handle any possible threats.

Less Downtime

Cloud hosting service providers can quickly and efficiently perform software updates, minimizing downtime. This also means that if you have in-house IT staff, they can spend more time focusing on more important aspects of the day-to-day business of your organization.


In addition to performing updates in a much more timely manner, making the switch to the cloud will also allow your organization to work much more efficiently. For instance, if you can’t afford IT staff, trying to perform updates yourself may end up being time-consuming; putting it in the hands of others means that time is put to better use.

Scale Down

Rather than having servers on-site, cloud server providers act as an off-site location handling a business’ servers for them and freeing up some space in their office. Cloud service providers also virtualize the servers, so they can handle greater traffic and workloads.

Once you decide that making the move to the cloud is the right one for your SMB, there are several things that Zarr Tech, the leading cloud hosting service provider in Oakville, tells their clients that they must consider first:

  • Plan: Decide whether the cloud hosting service provider’s security and privacy measures meet your needs.
  • Policy: Make sure that the provider’s policies match what you are planning for your business.
  • Support: One of the top things you look at should be what kind of support is offered by your cloud service provider of choice.

As the top cloud hosting service in Oakville and the surrounding regions, we pride ourselves on offering industry-leading security and encryption, and top-of-the-line hosting facilities. Our highly trained professionals will answer any questions you may have about making the switch to cloud computing. Contact Zarr Tech for more information today!

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