The Benefits of Remote Tech Support for Businesses

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As far as we’ve come in this new digital era of fast-paced technological advancements, one of the more underutilized features has been remote technical support services. Businesses are relying on digital technology more than ever. And being able to maintain that connection is valuable. Yet the full potential of remote support has yet to be realized as companies are still opting for onsite work.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Remote Support

Think about this; businesses on average go through approximately three or four technical interruptions per year. With each of those interruptions lasting roughly eight hours, you’re looking at possibly 30 hours of downtime per year. That’s a lot to deal with, especially in this “now” culture where consumers’ attention spans are 10 times less than you have to spare.

One of the biggest benefits of remote support is that it’s convenient. You don’t need to set up an appointment or wait for a technician to physically show up at your door. You simply communicate the problem and let the technicians go to work on finding a solution without either of you having to leave your offices.

Another understated benefit of remote technical support services is its effectiveness in solving real-time issues. For urgent instances such as network server issues and online transactions not being able to be processed, remotely resolving the issue immediately becomes more valuable. The time you’ll take to have someone travel onsite to verify the problem and make suggestions on improvement means more time wasted. Customers are still unable to process a transaction; which means you’re losing business.

Cost and Customer

Being able to solve technical issues remotely has more added benefits. If you opt for a technician showing up to your site to fix a technical issue, it’s going to cost you. Technicians’ services fees can run well over $100.00/hr. And if you need immediate assistance, meaning you need a technician the same day, you can nearly double that figure. If the issue isn’t as urgent but still needs fixing to get your operations back up and running, it could take up to five days for a technician to get to your site.

Looking at remote technical support, the costs are usually about half of on site costs and it actually takes less time overall to complete each job. For business owners, that’s less money spent on actual repair and less time and potential revenue lost from not being able to operate at full technical capacity.

Less downtime and more profits means happy customers. And when technicians solve issues fairly quickly, it cuts down on giving consumers the opportunity to complain about any setbacks they may have been experiencing.

Zarr Tech takes this one step further and works to predict where any malfunctions or inefficient networks could potentially arise. That way the issue is prevented before it even becomes a situation. Visit our website for more information about our remote technical response services.

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