Small Business IT Support for Small Businesses in Toronto


IT Support for Small Businesses

For small businesses to remain competitive, they need to look for ways to maximize their offerings, streamline processes, cut costs, and look at addressing in-house shortage skills. One area where small businesses will look to enhance services, improve efficiencies, and save money is by outsourcing IT infrastructure. Outsourcing IT support also gives small businesses instant access to the most up-to-date innovations and services that would otherwise be costly to obtain internally.


In 2013, 65% of IT infrastructure was located in-house; by 2017, that number will swing wildly, with almost 70% of IT infrastructure being outsourced. Small businesses looking for IT support in Toronto will be relying more on outsourced IT support for a number of reasons, including to lower or curb costs, to access higher-quality service, and to improve infrastructure scalability and flexibility.

Top Factors to Consider when Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing your IT support in Oakville is not something to be taken lightly. Not only do you want to make sure you get the best IT support possible, you also need the best customer service, and competitive prices.


Businesses also need to outsource their IT support to a business they can trust implicitly, such as the experts at Zarr Tech. After all, you’re giving an outside source unfettered access to your company’s proprietary information and intellectual property and using an inexperienced IT support company could end up costing you more in the long-run.



Does your IT support company provide the services you need?


    Make sure your outsourced IT support company offers all the services your company needs. If you need on-site support and training, don’t settle for someone who only works remotely. Make a list of all the IT services your business needs and call around, then use the one that meets your company’s demanding needs.



Are they flexible?


    Smaller businesses do not operate like bigger firms do, so you need an outsourced IT support company that is flexible and willing to help develop a tailored IT plan suited to your company’s unique needs. What are their hours? Do they provide both in-house and remote services? Will they take time to meet with you and find creative solutions that work for your brand?



Do they provide security features?


    With your company’s data on the line, it’s imperative that your outsourced IT support firm uses the latest and most secure systems to protect your firm’s sensitive information. And can they help you develop a server-based security network that will keep your company’s data safe?



Do they provide quality work and competitive prices?

    When it comes to IT support, small businesses need to get quality service at a competitive price. Look for an IT support company that offers the broadest range of services and has knowledgeable staff that are certified and experienced. Also check to make sure they have a good reputation and can provide customer reviews and testimonials.


Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

Small businesses routinely outsource many of their day-to-day operations (payroll, accounting, fulfillment, etc.) because it saves them time and money; the same can be said for outsourcing IT support. In fact, outsourcing computer support services can provide a large number of long-term benefits:



Cost savings:

    Outsourcing IT can save small businesses in Toronto, Hamilton, and Oakville thousands of dollars each year. Outsourcing IT also converts fixed costs into variable costs; by transferring data to cloud computing, small businesses can reduce hardware expenses such as servers, storage, cable, etc.



Latest, most up-to-date software:

    With computer hardware and software changing at a rapid rate, it’s hard for small business to keep up. Outsourcing business IT support services means having access to the latest software; that includes the most up-to-date malware protection upgrades. This keeps your data safe and secure and also eliminates the need to pay for upgrades and software licenses. A professional outsourcing IT firm will also have certified, accredited staff and partnerships with leading technology providers.



Focus on your core business:

    Small businesses do not necessarily have the time or resources to focus their attention on IT issues. Outsourcing IT support can help business focus its attention on what it does best: serving its customers. Outsourcing also allows the IT service provider to focus 100% of its attention on keeping your data safe.



Reduce risk:

    Outsourcing IT support can help reduce risk and protect a company’s bottom line. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to fully understand state-of-the-art technology, and if the implementation goes wrong, it can be a huge financial drain. An outsourced IT provider can reduce the risk because they are trained and certified technicians.



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