On-Site Computer Support Services


Today’s small businesses need their computers to survive. If you’ve ever had a problem with a computer, you realize how much of an inconvenience it can be to have it repaired. No one wants to have to shut down their business to take their computer in and have it repaired; on top of that, there’s no guarantee it will be repaired the same day.


The only way to ensure your business operations run seamlessly is to use a computer support firm that provides on-site support for small- to medium-sized businesses in Oakville.


Computer repair companies that expect you to tear down, pack up, and bring or mail your server or computer into their shops do not understand your business’ needs and goals. The best way to maximize your computer and network efficiency is to outsource your small business computer support to an IT company that offers exclusive same-day, on-site computer and IT repair solutions.


An IT company that provides onsite computer support services like Zarr Tech will come to you so your business day isn’t interrupted. We’ll perform a diagnostic test on your computer and advise you on what needs to be done to get your computer up and running and what you can do to prevent similar issues in the future.


Top Reasons Why You Need On-Site IT Support Services


Some of the most common reasons why businesses call on Zarr Tech include:


  • Computer setup
  • Computer not starting
  • Computer shuts down, restarts, or freezes
  • Computer screen is blank
  • Applications performing slowly
  • Computer making odd noises
  • Fan replacement
  • Computer needs to be tuned up
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data transfer
  • Removal of virus, spyware, or adware
  • Printer not working
  • DVD/CD drive not working
  • Memory upgrade and installation
  • Hard drive upgrade and installation
  • Motherboard installation
  • Network planning, setup, and troubleshooting
  • Internet and e-mail setup and troubleshooting
  • Wireless networking problems
  • Technology consultation




Top Benefits of On-Site Computer Support


There are many benefits to outsourcing your on-site computer support to Zarr Tech:


Dealing with Complex Issues:

Computers and networks are complex, so the last thing you want is someone inexperienced troubleshooting on your system and making matters worse. Outsourcing on-site computer support services to a professional with experience ensures the job is done right.



By outsourcing your on-site computer repair your business saves money by not having to hire, train, and pay for an in-house employee. Not all businesses operate typical business hours, so outsourcing your on-site IT support also means having the problem resolved as quickly as possible after-hours.


Stay Productive:

Businesses cannot afford downtime. If you’re having an issue with your computers or network, you need the problem solved right away. An onsite computer support specialist can resolve an issue in-house; that same problem might take days to fix if you send it off-site.


Advanced Diagnostics:

When you use an on-site computer support professional, you gain access to certified, accredited staff that have partnerships with leading technology providers. Not only that, but you also get access to advanced IT diagnostic tools and the most up-to-date software and malware protection that you would otherwise not have had access to.


Build Trust:

Using an on-site computer support company means you know your company’s personal data will remain safe. Once you find an on-site computer solutions company, you can trust that you can start to build a working relationship and use them when future issues arise. You can also use them to take a job from the design stage to implementation, upgrade, and support.