Zarr Tech, a Leading IT Support Company in Toronto, Reacts to Windows 10 Minimum Hardware Requirements

Toronto, Canada – June 18, 2015 /MarketersMedia/ — Zarr Tech (, a leading IT support company in the GTA that solves and diagnoses business technology problems and offers local IT consultation, is weighing in on Microsoft’s latest announcement of the Windows 10 minimum hardware requirements.

The new Windows 10 is set to be released next month. The build-up is leading to some anticipation and predictions on all of the operating system’s possible new features.

“Anytime Microsoft comes out with a Windows upgrade, everyone gets excited,” says Matthew Zarrillo, IT specialist at Zarr Tech. “The anticipation for Windows 10 is no different. Experts will have their predictions and some of the facts are already known, but we’ll have to wait and see like everyone else for the precise look and function once it actually comes out.”

Though little is known about the unveiling of Windows 10 in July, what has been revealed are the minimum hardware requirements in order for users to operate the system. Microsoft announced in a recent presentation that “it will require a minimum resolution of 800×600, 1GB of memory for 32-bit machines or 2GB for 64-bit, 16GB of storage space for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit, and DirectX 9 support.” (Source: Williams, O., “Here’s what you’ll need to run windows 10,” The Next Web web site, March 18, 2015;

“It sounds a bit complicated, but if you just read each of these requirements based on what you’re currently operating, it’s pretty straightforward,” Zarrillo continues. “This is more about storage space than anything and you just need a certain amount of GBs depending on your device.”

Physical power buttons and volume buttons will be required, according to Microsoft. There will also be some operating systems such as Windows 7 that can upgrade directly to Windows 10 with an ISO file.

“Microsoft will try to make the transition as seamless as it can for current Windows users. Allowing Windows 7 users to easily upgrade systems is part of helping that transition,” Zarrillo concludes.

The expected launch date for Windows 10 is July 29. Zarr Tech will be offering computer support in Oakville, both remotely and onsite, to all of its clients or any other businesses looking to utilize the new Microsoft operating system following its release. For more information, visit the company’s web site at

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