Important Things to Know When Installing Your Office Network

Creating your own office network can be a difficult task for some because of all the iInternet Connectionsmportant items that must be taken into account to ensure success. During the identification and requirements gathering phase if important information and services are missed then it will be challenging to create a network that will perform at its best. A network is the brain to any system and is a very important part of the network. In this article we will cover the important getting started topics, information, terms and anything else that will be useful for you to know while you work on creating your own office network.

1. Network Design

With this start to think about what you want to be able to do inside your network. Having a proper design in the beginning will allow you to build the foundation for a successful and powerful network. As you implement your network and time progresses you are going to want to make sure that the solution and design is flexible to change and possible growth. Make sure to plan for a lager sized network map, with more employees comes more network traffic. Your going to want to make sure the design you have in place is able to handle increases and be able to adapt changes as you need to implement them. A network that can be created to be flexible to change is a strong network design and is very powerful over the weak.

2. Wireless or Wired?

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After you have designed your ideal network, next is where or where do we place the WIFI access points and how many do we need. In most cases when we are given these tasks we say the more the better and stronger we can be! A network is not damaged by the number of available WIFI access points, having a larger number to work off of is actually very powerful for all your network users. A network that can provide more choices to its users will be able to handle more network traffic and provide faster service. WIFI is not the fastest to transfer files and large amounts of data, which makes it important and smart to have the wired options run by cable throughout the office. With this your employees will have the option on how they want or need to work. If enough users are trying to transfer data over the network wirelessly the work can take a longer time then over a wired connection. Security for your data is also at the highest possible level when being done over a wire rather then WIFI.  I would implement WIFI in your office for the convenience factor but please don’t forget about those important wired connections!

We hope this article was able to help you have an understanding of how networks work for business. If your business is interested in creating a strong network please contact our IT team and we will be able to provide you our network IT services and have your office setup with a custom system.