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In today’s digital world, more and more business operations are being moved online. Small, medium, and large businesses are turning to digital means to not only sell their product, but offer technical support services to customers. This has lead to a shift in which troubleshooting remotely and online customer service is no longer a luxury option, but a necessity in the current business culture.

If you haven’t incorporated online technical support as part of your operations, or are looking to expand on that support, here are the top benefits of making the switch.


Quoting Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, “In the offline world…30% of a company’s resources are spent providing a good customer experience and 70% goes to marketing. But online…70% should be devoted to creating a great customer experience and 30% should be spent on ‘shouting’ about it.”

This is a big one. Companies now are utilizing online support agents who appear directly on the screen and reply in real time. And this is not particular to large companies, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are able to provide this service, as well. If a business can’t provide a live agent, they typically have extended hours or even 24/7 online customer support. Standard brick-and-mortar stores can’t offer this type of round-the-clock service, so this is an area especially beneficial to online customer service.

Efficiency and Attention to Customer Needs

If you require some kind of technical support now, the procedure requires taking your computer down to your local tech shop. There, they’ll inform you of how many days it will take before your problem is identified and ultimately resolved. These tech shops have a lot of customers and oftentimes, they have very few resources. Of course, the estimated duration is just that—an estimate. In the end, you don’t know how long it could take before your computer is back up and running and in your hands.

Online support typically happens right away, or within a 24-hour period. IT specialists are able to spot the issue and offer troubleshooting support within a much faster time frame than any other standard retail outlet. And in this current era, where so much can change in one day, time becomes even more valuable.


There always seems to be a savings benefit when operations are moved online. Customer support and troubleshooting is no different. With online IT support, you either pay a monthly maintenance fee or a flat fee to resolve the specific issue. Repair shops usually charge by the hour without you having any way of quantifying the actual time spent on repair. And even if online companies are charging by the hour, you’re often able to witness the expert work through the problem while you’re still on your computer.

Zarr Tech is well-known for our personal brand of service, online or in person. Even when we pick up your computer, we’re committed to providing effective and efficient repair services. Zarr Tech acts as an outsourced IT professional for many small and medium businesses in Oakville and across the GTA, providing online customer service with the same attention to detail as if we were sitting right beside you.

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