Experts Redesigning Computer Networks

It’s truly an IT professional’s playground to be given the opportunity to set up a local area network (LAN) from top to bottom. This gives engineers the creative control they don’t normally receive when asked to either monitor or configure a single aspect of the network. Of course, with all that control comes the responsibility to configure a LAN that is properly aligned with the needs of the company and the capabilities of its existing IT department.

Computer Networks

Network Basics

Setting up a quality LAN network is an essential step even for small businesses that do little more than send e-mails and browse the Internet. With the technologies and software available today, small businesses need to take advantage of a network redesign to get more out of their computers and other connected devices.

The proper configuring of a LAN network will allow for multiple connections to a single broadband and streamline the sharing of files between devices, providing access to remotely stored images and other media. Today, many companies are choosing to do this wirelessly, while others still prefer broadband cable. This comes down to preference, as wireless connectivity has become increasingly dependable.

Business and Remote Access

With the workplace going through a cultural change in which employees are now often working part- or full-time from home or remote locations, employers have had to adjust their operations accordingly. A symptom of workers shifting their duties outside the office is organizations having a system in place that offers remote access to the LAN. To accommodate this, virtual private networks (VPNs) are set up with employees being given software configured to match that of their employer.

Security is always an issue, particularly with businesses that store valuable or sensitive client data. IT professionals should understand the risks associated with any network and put proper security measures in place—such as login and passwords with strict rules—to ensure information remains safe and only viewed by those with explicit permission. Other security measures are usually put in place as well, such as automatic system backup and archiving of data, or implementing guest networks specifically for outside users.

Zarr Tech is a first-class IT provider working with small- and medium-sized businesses in the GTA to set up LAN networks. We are based in Oakville and are known for our quality customer care, as well as for bringing a high level of expertise to developing IT solutions for our clients. It’s important that we not only address small business network setup concerns in Oakville and the surrounding areas, but that we also educate our clients, so they understand the technology, as this can help them make informed decisions on their own.

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