Zarr Tech Issues Expert Advice on Questions Every Organization Should Ask Its IT Service Providers

Toronto, Canada, May 21, 2015 – Zarr Tech, a leading GTA IT consultant and service providers that offers solutions and diagnoses for business technology problems, is offering expert advice and tips on questions every organization should be asking its IT service provider.

As the experts at Zarr Tech point out, many organizations don’t know what questions to ask their IT service provider. As a result, they end up getting poor service or the wrong solutions for their organization.

“A good IT company should be confident in the services they provide,” says Matthew Zarrillo, IT specialist at Zarr Tech. “At the end of the day, they should put their client’s needs first. That means informing them on what they should be looking for in an ITSP, or IT service provider, then being completely open about how they can meet those needs.”

Zarrillo says that the first question organizations should ask is what their plans for growth are.

“ITSPs are companies too, and it’s important to know if they are moving forward as any other business would. The more the company grows, the more IT solutions they can provide clients. I’m not suggesting that bigger is better; I’m just saying that growth should be a consideration,” notes Zarrillo.

The next question that becomes important is what geographical area the ITSP covers.

“If your business is planning to expand, it’s important that the ITSP you choose can expand with you and provide services in the areas you require,” Zarrillo adds. “And another question businesses should be asking related to the last question is the levels of support an ITSP can provide. Do they offer pay-as-you-go support, break-fix support, or will they offer managed services support where they actively monitor the system on an ongoing basis? Asking these questions will help you as an organization determine how and when you will be charged.”

Zarrillo says the next question often gets overlooked, but should really be analyzed carefully: “Some ITSPs may say they cover everything. But it’s up to the client to dig a bit deeper and find out exactly what ‘everything’ means.”

“I probably wouldn’t trust an ITSP who claims they cover everything if they aren’t willing to explain what that means,” Zarrillo adds. “Does ‘everything’ include mileage to and from your location? What about covering custom software that was developed by another company? Items like this are usually additional costs, but the only way to know is to ask. A trustworthy ITSP should have these conditions laid out in the contract.”

The final question that should be considered, according to Zarrillo, is whether the ITSP guarantees response times. Knowing how long it would take to resolve a problem with a network is reasonable, but it should be noted that some problems may take longer than the stated time.

“The goal is always to get to the root of the problem so the issue doesn’t reoccur,” Zarrillo concludes. “Efficiency is important when selecting an ITSP because you need your network up and running as quickly as possible to continue operations and services provided to your customers.”

As a leading IT support services provider and consultant, Zarr Tech prides itself on premier IT support service to its clients in Oakville and across the GTA.

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