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More ways to connect with Zarr Tech!

The IOS team at Zarr Tech are pleased to announce that our App is ready and can now be downloaded to your IOS device from the App Store.
Download Zarr Tech For Your iPhone

Now to connect with our team, open your Zarr Tech app and send us your request or contact us by phone. The app will also allow you to receive push notification updates, follow our Facebook & Twitter feed, connect with our support team & comment, share & follow our Blog!
We are very pleased with how our App has been developed with not just the technology in mind but how our users will find using the app, it’s easy to use, cleanly developed & maintains our objectives of being your #1 source for everything IT. No longer will you have to remember an IT support number or email, just open your Zarr Tech app and click the connect button.
To download our app and learn more about its features & services please follow the links below, our mobile development team is currently working on an Android version of our App that we hope to have developed & launched soon!

Download Zarr Tech for your iPhone