Data Backup

Are you a business owner? Do you Backup?


Zarr Tech’s Complete Backup Solution is Now Available

Data Backup Support in OakvilleDeveloping a complete backup solution for all sized business is not something that can be purchased off the shelf and installed. This is true because all of our needs are different. From the was we use technology and its services in our business to how important is the information we keep and store in the systems.

Zarr Tech’s Complete Bakcup Solution always begins with a free consultation of your business systems, data and usage. After our initial consultation is complete we then complete and present a customized proposal outlining the needs of your business, usage of systems and data, importance of current saved data and backup strategy/ plan.

We then review the proposed solution with the business and then complete the rest of the work to have the clients information backed up.

In the event of an emergency our clients are able to not stress about any loss of their important business and personal information. With technology data is one of the main drivers and Zarr Tech takes the backup procedures and service very seriously and professional. For more information on this service and others that we offer at Zarr Tech. Please visit our Support Service menu (data backup)