Cloud Computing Benefits for Your Small Business

cloud computing benefitsThe transformation that the business landscape has gone through over the past decade has been nothing short of incredible. Most change occurs slowly, but as the intelligence of technology has picked up, so has the pace of the change it is impacting.

One of the most noticeable culprits leading to significant change in the way businesses operate is the proliferation of cloud computing. The Cloud has come with several benefits, many of which fit to the demands of the modern-day employee. And as the presence of the cloud continues to infiltrate the workplace, its importance will only further dictate the future of how businesses continue to operate in line with current cultural demands.

A New Employee

The days of clocking in at 9:00 and clocking out at 5:00 are all but over. Employees are almost expected to be continually plugged in. Yet they have demanded the flexibility of determining where they are plugged in. Increasingly, those demands lead employers to concede the option of working at least a portion of the week at home or remotely.

This definitely comes with its pluses for employees who are able to spend more time with their families, more time doing multiple projects, and more time organizing their days to their comfort. While they are still expected to meet deadlines and keep up with the workload assigned, they are not constricted by any hourly or physical demand that being in an office dictates.

How cloud allows these employees the flexibility to work remotely is by creating platforms that are interconnected by the web. So an employee can technically work from anywhere an internet connection is available and have the same amount of access to files, data, and communication capabilities than if he or she were sitting in the office. Office 365 is a good example of this kind of access, along with Google Docs and Dropbox.

Cloud and IT

Where cloud has also made its mark is in changing the role of IT professionals. No longer are IT departments limited by the parameters of physical storage units. Cloud has opened up a world of other applications that IT can utilize to better optimize the technology of whichever small business they are a part of. Just looking at the messaging possibilities alone; cloud has made it possible to communicate at affordable rates through video, conferencing, and improved standard communications such as e-mail.

Of course we can’t forget about the consumers. They have become spoiled with the new applications available and expect much more than regular interaction or availability on the part of the company from which they are making purchases or utilising services. Consumers today want 24/7 access and a much more engaged experience on a business’ website. That means downloading files, accessing videos, direct messaging to customer services are all aspects that would have been difficult and expensive for small businesses before the advent of cloud. That’s because cloud allows businesses to outsource any interactive data, removing the concern for storage space.

Cloud has made a substantial impact on small businesses all across the world. At Zarr Tech, we offer cloud services in Oakville to small businesses looking to capture all that cloud has to offer. We use our expertise to find the cloud applications that work best for your business and actually improve operations, productivity, and ultimately your company’s bottom line.

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