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Business Support


As a retail provider, you manage countless accounts with personal and sensitive information from clients both online and in-store. Securing this information is vital to the customers that frequent your store and to the reputation of your company. Zarr Tech will perform an IT health check to determine any flaws or weaknesses in your current network, then implement systems to ensure that network is well protected.


You are in a business that demands you attention. And though technology is a major part of your company, it runs better when you are able to focus on other operational matters. Zarr Tech is happy to offer business continuity, which includes a tailored plan to handle or recover from any potential technological disaster—something that takes planning and the ability to make timely decisions. The team at Zarr Tech is knowledgeable enough to ensure those preparations are made and a proper system is developed to maintain consistent support.


Your clients need you and you do your very best to help them. The best way for you to continue helping your clients is having access to their information and other data pertaining to their matters. With remote tech support from Zarr Tech, you can have confidence that even if a technical incident does occur, Zarr Tech will quickly respond to those issues without needing to physically come into your office, which will save valuable time. We know just how precious your time can be.


You’ve heard of cloud computing and what it’s done to transform businesses. You want to find out how it can help you save costs and be used as a valuable tool for your small business to compete in the current culture and within your market. Zarr Tech can show you the best way to implement the cloud into your operations. And even if you are currently using cloud, we know how to optimize its performance so it works specifically for your business.


Your business has grown and you’re continuing to expand at a steady pace. You know what that means for your company, but what exactly does that mean for the infrastructure of your IT? You know you need additional support, but in what areas and how do you go about making the transition without any hiccups? The answer is Zarr Tech and our experienced team of technicians. We understand the needs of a growing business and how that growth translates into new technological realities.


Security has become possibly the biggest issue when speaking of protecting the privacy and personal information of users in this digital era. Businesses offering financial services can’t afford to have any security breaches, especially since valuable information being leaked can cause serious problems for clients. Let Zarr Tech provide you with the very best in IT security services so you can have peace of mind knowing your client’s information is safe.


There is hardly any information as personal as an individual’s medical records. As a provider, your goal is to offer the very best security and storage centre for these records to assure the confidence of your patients. Zarr Tech has first-class data solutions to ensure that no matter what happens, your patients’ information will be have the chance at being safely retrieved from a secure location.


For those surviving in the nonprofit sector, communication is vital to sustaining the organization’s ability to raise enough funds. You want to help people; that means having the capacity and system in place to effectively communicate with as many people as possible. Zarr Tech understands the important role nonprofits play in society. Our VoIP services ensure your network is properly set up to manage a sophisticated level of communication, from video to teleconferencing.


There’s so much more to running a successful construction business than building. It’s just like any other business and should be run with the same attention to detail. It may be possible that you may not see how IT fits into your construction business or how improving on your current IT can make a significant difference. A consultation with Zarr Tech will open your eyes to just how beneficial a structured IT operation can be for your business.


Real estate is definitely one of the most competitive industries right now, and one that is changing more sharply in recent years. Being in real estate means you need to stay connected and on-the-go at all times. Zarr Tech’s virtual CIO can show you how to keep the technology part of your business running smoothly while you keep doing what you do best. The team at Zarr Tech is available by phone or e-mail and can provide a personal level of service without having to actually meet face-to-face. We understand your lifestyle and the demands of your career and how a virtual CIO is exactly what you need.