9 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Zarr_Tech_Article_270315_imageIt’s become the flipside to the unlimited potential of the Internet. Fraudsters and hackers are everywhere and becoming more sophisticated by the minute. And while society becomes more and more dependent on the Web for everything from business to personal e-mails, it’s important to also keep in mind that these fraudsters are just as active and looking for the weakest, most susceptible targets to carry out their schemes.

Be Aware

There are too many scamming plots out there to list. Some of the major ones worth noting are phishing hacks, where an e-mail is sent from a seemingly reputable source asking you to update your account information, including your driver’s licence or social insurance number, passwords, credit card number, and more. You can imagine what anyone with ill intent could do with that much stolen information.
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Why and When You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud

Zarr Tech - Image - 031215You’ve doubtlessly heard about “the cloud” in recent years. Most recently, cloud computing was in the news for all the wrong reasons due to several celebrities having personal images leaked. However, this was a freak occurrence; in fact, quality cloud hosting service providers employ redundancy upon redundancy when it comes to keeping their clients’ information safe.

Cloud server providers offer clients a way to outsource their IT infrastructure. While this can include information and servers, it is data storage that often serves as the primary reason for businesses to seek out a cloud computing provider.

Another main reason why most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make the move to the cloud is cost savings. But there are many other benefits, including:
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Gadgets Changing Your Lifestyle

A gadget refers to a small tool or a machine that is capable of performing a certain function efficiently. It makes one’s life easy in accomplishing daily tasks. It is most often thought of as novelty. Gizmos is another name given to gadgets and some of them are good while others are extraordinary.

Each gadget falls under different categories of consumer electronics, portable devices, technology, and gaming accessories. A gadget is small self-contained and characteristic class of products with high performance. Cost of the gadgets varies in relation to their size, functions, and other features.

They are developed in order to transfer the undifferentiated set of conditions and environment to circumstances nearer human desire. These portable gadgets and clip-on devices have become more of human needs and have succeeded in coloring their thoughts and actions far more deeply.
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Important Things to Know When Installing Your Office Network

Creating your own office network can be a difficult task for some because of all the iInternet Connectionsmportant items that must be taken into account to ensure success. During the identification and requirements gathering phase if important information and services are missed then it will be challenging to create a network that will perform at its best. A network is the brain to any system and is a very important part of the network. In this article we will cover the important getting started topics, information, terms and anything else that will be useful for you to know while you work on creating your own office network.

1. Network Design

With this start to think about what you want to be able to do inside your network. Having a proper design in the beginning will allow you to build the foundation for a successful and powerful network. As you implement your network and time progresses you are going to want to make sure that the solution and design is flexible to change and possible growth. Make sure to plan for a lager sized network map, with more employees comes more network traffic. Your going to want to make sure the design you have in place is able to handle increases and be able to adapt changes as you need to implement them. A network that can be created to be flexible to change is a strong network design and is very powerful over the weak.
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Prepay Tickets

New Prepay Tickets

Become a premium client with us! Purchase your prepay ticket today…

60 minute response Time

It’s very common for our repairs to be just 15 minutes long and be priced at $50.


Our new prepay ticket gives you a 15 minute call for as low as $31 per call.


Being able to purchase our service time in blocks saves you in the long run!

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Business Computer Support

A Computer Support Service For Your Business

Have you needed computer support and wanted to call a service that was local?

Zarr Tech is pleased to announce a new service offering, computer support for your business. Zarr Tech support agents are now able to arrive on-site to your office and provide our computer support service. We are also able to provide our services remotely through your internet connection.
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Home Computer Support

A Computer Support Service For Your Home

Have you needed computer support and wanted to call a service that was local?

Zarr Tech is pleased to announce a new service offering, computer support for your home. Zarr Tech support agents are now able to arrive on-site to your home or office and provide our computer support service. We are also able to provide our services remotely through your internet connection.
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What is IT Managed Services?

Definition – What does Managed Service Provider (MSP) mean?

Managed Service Provider (MSP) in OakvilleA managed service provider (MSP) is a type of IT service company that provides server, network, and specialized applications to end users and organizations. These applications are hosted and managed by the service provider.Managed service providers tend to be Web hosting or application service providers that allow users to outsource their network and application resource procedures under a delivery agreement. In most cases, MSPs own the entire physical back-end infrastructure and provide resources to end users remotely over the Internet on a self-service, on-demand basis.

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Better Business Expo

Better Business Expo Logo

Zarr Tech @ Oakville’s Better Business Expo

Our booth is number 13, See you at the event!

For our first time Zarr Tech will be taking part in the Better Business Expo happening in Oakville on Thursday November 27th from 2:00 to 7:00.
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Oakville Computer Support

Is Your Business in Oakville? Zarr Tech Services Your Area!

Oakville Computer and IT SupportOur team is stationed in the Oakville area and is ready to answer your call. Computer problems solved by our first class service. We don’t just fix machines, we help our clients re-connect and work in our digital world. Our team is able to provide our support service remotely or on-site. Every problem is solved until the final error is removed. We provide our service at the highest level of detail to all our clients.

We do not cut corners or provide temporary workarounds to your problems and requests. Our team of IT professionals are available to aid in the removal of confusion that can sometimes come with business and technology. Have your system inspected and monitored by our team for free as we learn about your business and how it operates. Our team will then present to you our recommendations and where our services would be most effective.
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