Choosing a Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Recover your dataBusinesses of any size have come to depend on its data. In many ways, it is the basis for how a company operates. Threats to this data are imminent, and protecting data becomes a top priority for any business if they hope to prevent any serious setbacks to its operations. However, when security measures are breached, having dependable data recovery services becomes your next line of defence in preserving your data.

There are ways to get basic data recovery services from some computer stores. And that may be fine for individuals who are looking to retrieve family pictures or documents saved to their laptop. But for businesses who rely on its data as an essential part of running their company, basic data recovery is not enough. You require a high level of data recovery service to ensure that your business is protected and you can carry on operations as usual.

Dell Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Hard drive failures are something businesses shouldn’t necessarily expect, but should certainly prepare for. Zarr Tech is able to implement Dell recovery services for all clients who want to be prepared should a hard drive failure occur. This can happen as a result of many different circumstances, including some kind of flooding or office fire, as well as technical issues. Read more

Why Are Companies Hiring Managed IT Service Providers?

managed IT servicesTechnology has infiltrated the workplace and forever altered the way business is conducted. This has pushed IT to the forefront of any business operation, forcing companies to find ways to keep up with the rapidly evolving nature of technology. But for many small businesses, attempting to keep up with the changing technology can prove costly, and not keeping up even more so. The solution for many of these businesses has been to utilize managed IT service providers.

What Does “Managed IT Service” Mean?

Businesses want to always be on top of or ahead of the game when it comes to the implementation and usage of technology. However, they also must consider cost, particularly if they are a small- or mid-sized business. Managed IT services allows for businesses to take advantage of all of the services they would receive should they employ a full time IT professional, but they get those services at a monthly rate. Read more

Zarr Tech Announces Being Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year at Oakville Awards for Business Excellence

Zarr Tech ( a company that solves and diagnoses business technology problems and offers local IT consultation, announces its nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year at the Oakville Awards for Business Excellence

The nominees for the 21st Annual Oakville Awards for Business Excellence were announced in early February, and among the nominees is Zarr Tech founder, Matthew Zarrillo. (Source: “Congratulations to 2015 Nominees for Oakville Awards for Business Excellence,” Oakville Chamber of Commerce web site, February 4, 2016;

“I can’t tell you how much of an honour it is to be acknowledged by a group with such a respected history,” says Zarrillo. “This is definitely an acknowledgement that is shared with my team of amazing technicians and staff who come to work every day with the goal of helping our clients as their first priority. We’ve created an environment here that encourages everyone to be their best.”

There are eight other categories represented in the awards show, including Small Business of the Year, Professional Service Provider of the Year, and Franchise of the Year. Two additional awards—the Charity or Not-for-Profit Excellence Award and the Oakville Business Icon Award—will be announced at the gala, which will take place at the Oakville Conference Centre on Wednesday March 23 and is presented by The Rotary Club of Oakville and the Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

“When putting all that work into a business and all the time spent just trying to provide the very best service possible, winning awards is never really a big consideration,” says Zarrillo. “There are so many other businesses in Oakville doing great things, so I really am grateful for this nomination.”

Zarr Tech helps small businesses in the GTA better manage its IT. It strives to implement or improve technology for the businesses it works with, which include clients from the retail, medical, and communications industries.