Computer Virus Removal: Challenges to Keeping Your Data Safe

computer virus removal servicesIt’s difficult to comprehend just how important it has become for businesses of all sizes to protect their networks. The information age has brought countless benefits to companies and organizations, making it more efficient to run operations at lower costs and with higher value to the customer.

But with all these benefits and innovations to software has also come some danger. That danger is in the form of  malware. The threat of malware and the potential harm it can do to a network is frightening. This is why there has been so much emphasis placed on virus removal services and prevention, along with keeping all other types of malware from infiltrating business networks.

The one saving grace in the fight against malware is that it usually needs to be downloaded into a network to take effect. If employees are aware of proper practices, avoiding harmful malware becomes more of a probability. We’ll discuss a few preventative measures in this article. Read more

Zarr Tech, a Leading IT Support Company in Toronto, Weighs in on Recent Apple iOS 9 Update

Zarr Tech ( a leading IT support company in the GTA that solves and diagnoses business technology problems and offers local IT consultation, is weighing in on the recent Apple iOS 9 update.

Although application updates happen fairly frequently in the tech world, the iOS 9 update is unique in the sense that it impacts the way applications are downloaded onto the device. Through what is termed “app thinning” or “app slicing,” the recent iOS 9 update allows users to download only the parts of the app that are necessary for the device. (Source: Moon, M., “Apple fixes ‘app slicing’ iCloud bug for latest iOS 9 update,”, October 6 2015;

“The point of any update is to improve any bugs in the application,” says Matthew Zarrillo, IT Specialist at Zarr Tech. “What this specific iOS 9 update does is essentially modify the way an app operates on a given device, saving valuable storage space.”

Usually upon downloading an app, the entire application is uniform regardless of whether if it was downloaded on an iPhone or iPad. However with app thinning/slicing, if an app is downloaded on an iPhone, the parts of the app needed for an iPad won’t be included, saving storage space.

Apple says that this update was meant to be part of the original program, but was delayed due to some bugs that needed to be worked out before being implemented. That said, it is likely that this will not be the last update, either.

“Applications are in constant upgrade mode. Once a problem is addressed, other problems become present that need to be fixed,” Zarrillo concludes. “The key for developers is to determine the urgency of each issue and address them accordingly.”

Zarr Tech offers its clients IT expertise, support services, and cloud solutions with the goal of implementing, securing, and maintaining networks that work for each business. For more information, visit

Cloud Computing Benefits for Your Small Business

cloud computing benefitsThe transformation that the business landscape has gone through over the past decade has been nothing short of incredible. Most change occurs slowly, but as the intelligence of technology has picked up, so has the pace of the change it is impacting.

One of the most noticeable culprits leading to significant change in the way businesses operate is the proliferation of cloud computing. The Cloud has come with several benefits, many of which fit to the demands of the modern-day employee. And as the presence of the cloud continues to infiltrate the workplace, its importance will only further dictate the future of how businesses continue to operate in line with current cultural demands.

A New Employee

The days of clocking in at 9:00 and clocking out at 5:00 are all but over. Employees are almost expected to be continually plugged in. Yet they have demanded the flexibility of determining where they are plugged in. Increasingly, those demands lead employers to concede the option of working at least a portion of the week at home or remotely. Read more