How to Build a Data Backup Strategy for Business

Checklist for Computer Maintenance Toronto

With the unprecedented amount of data businesses are outputting today, it’s become more important than ever to devise a sound strategy for backing up and securing that data in a safe place. The questions now that sometimes confuse business owners are where that safe place is and what the best method is to ensure sensitive data is protected.

While the answers vary somewhat for each organization dependant on its needs, there are multiple data backup services available for small businesses. The key is to not just trust your data to a single location, but instead create a system that involves more than one platform so you make sure that files are always protected.

Data Storage Options

On the plus side, data storage has never been more affordable for small businesses. You have technology to thank for that breakthrough. This leads us to the first data storage option.

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Keeping Your Business Organized With a Computer Checklist

Checklist for Computer Maintenance Toronto
Most workers don’t often realize that we put a lot of computers through a lot of duress. With regular usage, constant installations, travelling, and everything else we expect computers to endure, it’s important to find ways to keep these machines functioning at a high level so they can continue to do the important work we depend on daily.

The bottom line is that we need our computers for almost everything. So we have to take care of them. There are checks that are available to ensure that computers are running smoothly and won’t suffer any unnecessary malfunctions that can affect business. Here’s what you need to do:

AntiVirus Scan

There are very simple solutions to prevent your computer from suffering through viruses or malware. For businesses, a yearly subscription to any of the top antivirus software is available and relatively inexpensive. If you’re operating a home computer, there are free antivirus software options for basic protection.
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