Going Digital: Benefits of Technical Online Customer Support

Technical Online Customer Support - Zarr Tech

In today’s digital world, more and more business operations are being moved online. Small, medium, and large businesses are turning to digital means to not only sell their product, but offer technical support services to customers. This has lead to a shift in which troubleshooting remotely and online customer service is no longer a luxury option, but a necessity in the current business culture.

If you haven’t incorporated online technical support as part of your operations, or are looking to expand on that support, here are the top benefits of making the switch.


Quoting Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, “In the offline world…30% of a company’s resources are spent providing a good customer experience and 70% goes to marketing. But online…70% should be devoted to creating a great customer experience and 30% should be spent on ‘shouting’ about it.”
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