Should You Choose Free or Paid Antivirus Software?

Virus & Spyware Removal In today’s digitally-driven society, computer technology is more important than ever. Desktops, laptops, and smartphones are the driving force behind our access to valuable and endless sources of information through the Internet—and are key to businesses being able to effectively operate.

That being said, what lengths should individuals and businesses go through to protect their investments? Installing antivirus software is imperative in order to prevent potential data loss that previously resided on unprotected PCs. But how much protection is actually necessary and do paid antivirus software programs offer more protection than free software?

We’ll look at a few of the differences between free vs. paid antivirus software, but it’s best to hire an IT services company that handles technology consultation in order to determine the best option for you.
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Why an IT Audit is Important for Your Business

IT Audit For Businesses - Zarr TechSo much can be said about the dominant role technology has taken on in the workplace. It’s not a stretch to say that the new technologies of even the last decade have completely transformed business operations in many, if not all, industries. But a lot of companies, large and small, are still going through the transition of properly assessing how all of this technology can be incorporated into their operations and impact their bottom line. One proven way of making this determination is through an IT audit.

What is an IT Audit?

An IT audit essentially analyzes your entire technological structure, including all software, apps, hardware, and even personnel. Once this is done, a conclusion is made based on how each of these factors currently contributes to your operations, thus showing you how they can be improved.
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