9 Tips to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Zarr_Tech_Article_270315_imageIt’s become the flipside to the unlimited potential of the Internet. Fraudsters and hackers are everywhere and becoming more sophisticated by the minute. And while society becomes more and more dependent on the Web for everything from business to personal e-mails, it’s important to also keep in mind that these fraudsters are just as active and looking for the weakest, most susceptible targets to carry out their schemes.

Be Aware

There are too many scamming plots out there to list. Some of the major ones worth noting are phishing hacks, where an e-mail is sent from a seemingly reputable source asking you to update your account information, including your driver’s licence or social insurance number, passwords, credit card number, and more. You can imagine what anyone with ill intent could do with that much stolen information.
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Zarr Tech, a GTA-Based IT Support Provider, Announces Offering of New Computer Insurance Service

 Zarr Tech (www.Zarrtech.net/), a company solving and diagnosing business technology problems and offering local IT consultation, is announcing that it will be offering a new option for consumers that will enable them to insure their computers.

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Why and When You Should Move Your Business to the Cloud

Zarr Tech - Image - 031215You’ve doubtlessly heard about “the cloud” in recent years. Most recently, cloud computing was in the news for all the wrong reasons due to several celebrities having personal images leaked. However, this was a freak occurrence; in fact, quality cloud hosting service providers employ redundancy upon redundancy when it comes to keeping their clients’ information safe.

Cloud server providers offer clients a way to outsource their IT infrastructure. While this can include information and servers, it is data storage that often serves as the primary reason for businesses to seek out a cloud computing provider.

Another main reason why most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make the move to the cloud is cost savings. But there are many other benefits, including:
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