The 10 best holiday gifts for the techie in your life

As the holiday season is upon us, we are all trying to finish up our holiday shopping.

Below we have rounded up some great tech holiday gifts – and if you have any questions regarding these, you can always feel free to contact your Zarr Tech team for help and support!

1.The Tile Mate

Do you know someone who is constantly misplacing their keys? This might be the perfect gift for them! The Tile Mate is a small square shaped device that attaches to your key ring and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Whenever you can’t find your keys you simply activate the app and the tile on your keys will ring allowing you to easily locate whatever you attached it to. This also works in reverse – if you are ever looking for your phone but have your tile handy! A single Tile Mate retails for $24.99 or you can get a 4 pack for $69.99!

2.Fitness/Activity Trackers

This is not just a great gift idea for the fitness geek in your life – anyone can really benefit from activity awareness. And since the wearable tech market has really taken over in recent years, you have a ton of options available – from an affordable fitbit (starting at only $79.99) to the Apple Watch ($249) that gives you many additional features as well.

3. Pet Camera

If you are looking to splurge on a gift for the pet lover in your life, look no further. This new tech gadget has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last year and caused some hype on social media as well. Essentially, this device lets you connect your smartphone to a webcam installed in your home so that you can interact with your pet even when you are away. For $249 you can keep your furry friend company using the Pet Cube or for an additional $80 you can opt for the premium version which also lets you dispense treats while you interact with your pet.



4.Power Bank Phone Case

While this one may not sound very exciting, it is one of those incredibly useful gifts. Everyone knows that one person whose battery is always running low! You can find lots of different types of phone cases that provide an extra charge and prolong your phone’s battery life. Great options for iPhones include of course Apple’s own charging phone case, which runs at about $129, but the company Mophie also makes several different charging cases for both iPhones and some Android smartphones costing anywhere from $49.95 to $99.95 depending on your device.







Do you know a book lover but you’re not sure which book is missing in their collection? Try an E-reader! These little devices provide instant access to huge libraries of books – and the constantly evolving technologies built into these devices make for a very comfortable reading experience while providing access to the world’s libraries. With Amazon’s Kindles and the Kobo currently leading the market, you have lots of options in terms of price range. The Kobo will cost you anywhere from $109.99 to $249.99 and Amazon’s cheapest Kindle starts at only $79.99 while their highest end model costs up to $489.99.



6. Portable Printer


This little gadget has been all over social media lately – so chances are this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about it. A printer so tiny that it can fit in your pocket and you can take it with you anywhere. There are lots of versions out there, with the HP Sprocket ($159), Kodak Mini Mobile ($128) and the LG Pocket ($159) being some of the most popular models.




7. Meditation Headband

If there is someone in your life who either loves meditation or especially someone who has trouble meditating – this is an amazing and generous gift idea. Choosemuse is a headband that reads your brain’s activity in order to gently guide your meditation through headphones – if you hear birds chirping that means you’re doing it right! A really interesting new gadget in the realm of wearable tech this can really contribute to your mental health and is definitely worth checking out if you want to splurge on a gift for someone special this season! The Choosemuse meditation headband starts at $299.


8.Smart Plugs

Okay – the idea of gifting a glorified electrical outlet may not sound very exciting at first – but bear with me here. Does someone you know frequently question if they turned a device at home off, like for example a curling iron or even just the lights? Or maybe you just laid down in bed and forgot to turn off the lights in the other room. With a smart plug, you can control any device that’s plugged into it directly from your phone – wherever you are. With the rising popularity of home tech, there are a ton of options available. You can get one from TP link for $39.99 or the iHome smart plug, which will cost you $54.99.

9.360° camera

A very cool new accessory for your phone camera is the Insta360 VR. This camera captures 360° images and video so you can share your full experiences. The camera can attach to your phone, but they’ve also come out with a premium model that attaches to a selfie stick that can be used by itself through an app. The Android version is available for only $151 whereas the iPhone version will cost you about $230. The premium version currently retails for $379.




10.Virtual Reality accessories


And of course, no list would be complete without mentioning the now readily available technology of virtual reality. Creating a whole new niche in the gaming world, virtual reality is a very cool and fun gift idea. If you want to splurge and really make someone’s day, Playstation’s Virtual Reality headset is an excellent choice, but pricey at $579 which does not include the PlayStation console that you need in order to use the VR headset. There are more affordable options out there that will work on your smartphone, like the Noon and Viewmaster which both cost only $29.99.

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